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Avaverse Metaverse Project

AVAVERSE is a community-owned decentralized sandbox project. $AVERSE is the unit of influence that enables the development of the AVAVERSE ecosystem. We live in an amazing world that is constantly evolving and getting faster every day, thanks to newer and more innovative technologies; But we are limited. We are limited by laws, our human body, physics and time. Our imagination is much wider than the world we live in. But imagine a world where none of that applies. Imagine a world where anything is possible! Imagine AVAVERSE!

Thanks to the very advanced technology (Unreal Engine, Oculus) and the current extreme world situation (isolation, economic crisis 2020, Covid-19), we are ready to be one of the main players of the VIRTUAL REVOLUTION.

You can progress in the game by completing missions or buy to get $AVERSE, Token. Choose your side! If you want to be a Morphogenesis, initially as Zombie; If you want to become a Homosensorium, you will initially start the game with the Human character.

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Characteristics of Vaccines

With 5 vaccines used in the AVAVERSE world, vaccines dedicated to 5 elements of an important East Asian science theory used together with the Yin and Yang theory in Chinese Medicine, you can strengthen your character and create your own clan with AVERSE Vaccines.

For the Vaccines, you can buy $AVERSE Tokens.

  • Green Vaccine

    The Green Vaccine is used to increase your life energy against the damage you have received. You can collect this vaccine by progressing through the game or purchase it with the Averse token.
  • Yellow Vaccine

    The Yellow Vaccine allows you to move, run and take minimal damage from blows while you fight. You can collect the yellow vaccine by fighting your opponents and hunting the boss.
  • Purple Vaccine

    Allows you to move faster and stay ahead of other players while avoiding enemies and advancing in combat.
  • Orange Vaccine

    The Orange Vaccine increases the damage power of your weapons, your armor and your blasters. It allows you to damage opponents most effectively in-game and in collisions.
  • Sensorium Vaccine

    The Sensorium Vaccine is a red vaccine. It has all the properties of the other four vaccines. Players who have collected enough of all vaccines are eligible to have this vaccine.


For all your questions about AVAVERSE METAVERSE.

Metaverses are sprawling universes that users access via a computer or virtual reality headset, allowing you to work and play in a fictional, digital realm. In order to truly become fully immersive worlds with their own economies, they need a currency – and that's where crypto steps in. Metaverse cryptocurrencies can typically only be spent in the metaverse they're tied to. You buy them through virtual universe's in-game store. The coins can be used to buy in-game items, such as land or items which can then be traded with other players. Like any other crypto on the market, their values go up unpredictably.

Through the recent global pandemic, the importance of these digital platforms has become painfully obvious, and while it has been difficult, it has accelerated the development of such tools to better connect with others around the world in meaningful and productive ways.

For those looking for zombie themed survival games, the newest and most beautiful zombie game. Are you ready to spend a time full of fear and excitement? While playing AVAVERSE game full of action and tension, you will have both fun and fearful moments.
Zombies trying to take over the country are no longer just zombies. They are stronger now! They are: MORPHOGENESIS!
The people fighting them, are not just human! They are HOMOSENSORIUM!
You choose your side now! Are you ready to fight?
Inspired by horror movies and action movies, our game offers you the opportunity to have a good time. You can become stronger by using weapons, war tools and vaccines, and you can take over the world by forming your own clan. You will struggle to survive, which gets harder as you level up. You will be the winner of these games. AVAVERSE Game, which you will be addicted to, is full of action, excitement, fear and tension.

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination. You will be able to buy and sell virtual items, boost your power with vaccines, start your own clan, sell vaccines, weapons, clothes, even lands to others, create, sell and buy NFTs, customize an avatar, interact with other real people, explore You will be able to gamble, offer training sessions, and listen. play games and much more.

Metaverse Tokens, which are very popular at the moment, are the Coins that have increased their value the most, surpassing other cryptocurrencies in the market. AVERSE cryptocurrency is not only spent on the metaverse store they are attached to. You can also trade with AVERSE. Tokens can be used to purchase in-game items such as Vaccines that can then be traded with other players.

Experienced Startup & Blockchain enthusiasts. As an AVAVERSE Team: We founded a couple of startups with one exit. Huge game fanatics, having spent countless hours in WoW Vanilla, DOTA2, Division 2 and many more. Our team who called Avations, Built a 3D Gaming Asset with some collaborations. We are an unique team that will deliver the very first NFT Marketplace and Community based on Multi Chain.